Pyramids Dialysis Center is now on FAZAA


FAZAA offers a range of exclusive services to the hard-working employees of the Ministry of the Interior, government and semi-governmental entities.

General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, and Chairman of the Social Security Fund for the Ministry of Interior’s employees, launched the “Fazaa” project as part of the supportive initiatives provided by the Social Security Fund.

The project is designed to support its members and develop social interdependence and bonds of solidarity to the highest levels.

The stresses and conditions of working in the public sector can strain both the mind and body of employees, which is why governmental entities of the UAE have always supported programs that focus on their people’s health and wellbeing.

As a stand-alone medical specialist center in Al Ain, Pyramids Dialysis Center’s holistic approach to kidney care goes beyond blood dialysis treatments; instead, focusing on all areas of a person’s renal health. It gave them the insight to see an opportunity through Fazaa to help protect the health of the nation’s administration and security personnel, offering access to their various kidney care programs with a 40% reduction on their regular fees.

Dialysis provides an artificial replacement for lost kidney function and, for an estimated 3000 end-stage renal disease patients in the UAE, that means 2-3 weekly visits to a hospital. Patients with kidney disease typically have weaker immune systems, which puts them at an even higher risk when visiting hospitals admitting other patients with potentially infectious complications, including COVID-19.

For these patients, Pyramids Dialysis Center’s stand-alone, specialist medical facility in Al Ain provides a more sheltered medical environment for renal care, offering access to dialysis services outside the premises of the hospital.

With kidneys being such a vital part of human wellbeing and the high incidents of kidney disease in the UAE, employees on the Fazaa platform will be pleased to be able to take advantage of this offer, with a free screening of kidney function for people at risk, be it through hereditary or lifestyle factors.

Employees interested in checking their kidney health status may use their Fazaa cards to book an assessment from June 25th.

Alternatively, they may include their membership number when booking appointments to avail of the offer, which will run until 05/06/2022.

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